Daytime journeys of 343 to transfer from Stagecoach Manchester to Stott’s of Oldham

Volvo Olympian R365 DJN, Stotts of Oldham, Mossley Market Place

The latest instalment of the Continuing Saga of the Former SpeedwellBus Journeys reaches a new twist this coming Monday. Coinciding with the start of the spring/summer term, Stott’s of Oldham will take over the daytime service of our favoured bus route. There will be slight changes to the timetable, allowing for the traffic on schooldays journeys and of course, the Metrolink works at Mumps Bridge.

Stott’s of Oldham is a familiar face around these parts. They have operated the 342 and 344 (Hyde – Backbower Circular) routes since January. Stagecoach Manchester will take over these routes from Monday, swapping a longer 344 (the solitary weekday journey via Waterhead) for several more succinct local journeys around Hyde. In Dukinfield, they have operated the weekday 41 (Crowhill – Ashton – Dukinfield) service which has been taken over by First Pioneer. Though they already operate the evening, weekend and Bank Holiday services, they will become the sole operators of the 41 – this time with a fleet of brand spanking new hybrid Solo SRs.

Elsewhere, JPT Travel’s Saturday service will be rerouted to follow the weekday route, via Hey Farm and Roaches. One wonders how long it would be before First’s route follows suit.

We wish Stott’s of Oldham the best of luck with the 343. They’ve operated a most reliable service on the 41, so we shouldn’t expect anything less.

S.V., 14 April 2012.