GMPTE’s proposed changes postponed

From next Sunday, the 343’s weekday and Saturday service was going to serve Hey Farm and Roaches avoiding the section of Huddersfield Road between Mossley Hollins School and the Stamford Arms. The proposed route would have gone via Staley Road and Winterford Road prior to joining the top part of Huddersfield Road and Manchester Road.

I can reveal that from the 26th July, that the daytime 343s will continue to use the 1980 route followed by First Pioneer in the evenings and on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The proposal suggested by GMPTE (as seen on their website) has according to my sources been shelved, having been rejected by the companies.

Whether there will be any news on this development by the end of August or early September remains to be seen. To be totally honest, the route is fine as it is. If there is a need for new links to Roaches from Heyheads via Staley Road, a sister route additional to the 343 should be considered. This could either be a restoration of the original 344 route (withdrawn 1992), a short distance demand responsive service from Carrbrook village to Top Mossley, or a variation of the 350 route, again starting at Carrbrook village, via Roaches and Top Mossley terminating at Ashton.

Update: Postponement confirmed.

S.V., 16 July 2010.